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LIVEFIRM CONSTRUCTION is a sub-contractor firm that has expertise to perform all kinds of construction works. In the past 10 years, with their dedication and commitment in construction industry, LIVEFIRM is well qualified as the member of Registered Master Builders Federation and Site Safe


Our mission was to rebrand and create a brand to sit alongside their values. The resulting brand has been kept simple with typography based on the letters L & F, by keeping the core colours and presented in a square form to give the mark of timeless and modern quality. 


We designed an identity to not only communicate the professionalism of the company, we also created an online platform to reflect reliable and the expertise of construction works they delivered.

From this rebranding process, we have found BKB service to be creative, timely and accurate. His input and suggestions have helped us develop and enhance our marketing material on a range of projects, and to a high standard of production.




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